Many of us have been playing Xayah and Rakan for a few months now and their place in the game is very much established.

Xayah and Rakan have an unique charm than no other LoL has. This couple best perforce is when played as a team.  When they recall, their lover can sync up with them, choreographing a perfect return to base.  Some people see this ability as something adorable, but other hate it since seems to be unfair. Many complained about the Recall AbuseThis ability make them free escape from fights/team fights that have gone wrong? Rakan prepares the recall while Xayah is dealing damage. When she wants to get out she recall and returns to the base?


Xayah Lover’s Leap (Special Recall)

The duo should to be played together, Xayah as the ADC and Rakan as Support. Xayah brings a new style of playing focussing on positioning and good use of abilities to win fights. This is a welcomed twist to the current ‘cookie cutter’ builds that focus on semi-AFK auto attacks. Giving her an advantage over the more linear ADCs like Kog’maw or Miss Fortune.

When looking at Xayah’s abilities, without knowing she’s meant to be play as ADC you could  mistake her for a mid laner. Despite this, mid-lane is where many players choose to play her. This makes her  fit very well into mid lane and can compete with the top tier mid lane picks. Xayah’s ultimate not only sets up her E very well but also lets her dodge any skill shot making her a great counter to popular mid laners such as Oriana who’s ultimate is an important part of her DPS rotation in both 1v1s and team fights. Overall, Xayah can be a strong carry and can be a safe choice to play in lane since she has good poke and can zone the enemy ADC quite well.


Rakan is Xayah’s partner. According to League Of Legends, “the first truly-designed pair to play as a couple”.  Rakan is the less skilled character, much less-interested girlfriend will be playing. He is meant to be played as a fairly tanky support so he’s got a little bit better QoL than some other supports. Rakan is a support role, a passive shield, a heal, a knockup and can dash to allies from a fair distance. His ultimate is one of the most broken in the game. In lane his ability is not a game breaker but when played on a 5v5 team fight it can completely turn a fight around by taunting the entire enemy team. Whilst the duration is short it’s enough to burn down the enemy carries or to prevent the enemy team from chasing down your own. While Rakan is definitely a strong support he falls a bit short as a full tank. He is definitely tougher than most supports, but can’t compete with the likes of Alistar or Shen. Rakan is a very well rounded support with lots useful tricks in the right hands. He can be a huge asset to the team and have a very noticeable impact on a match… Unless that you forced your lover to play him so you can  do the bloody dance while you wait for minion to spawn.

These are both welcome additions to the game. They still need some retouches and tweaking, but altogether they bring some fresh new features as well as some extra lore… because apparently there are still people that read that.


As all new champions they are naturally a bit OP until players cry enough for Riot to tweak them. For anyone trying to improve at or learn the game, either of these picks are a good way to go.