Preluding the LCK Finals series between SKT T1, the spotlight shines down on a throne center stage. The fog rolls out, the lights converge, and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is revealed.

Mid laner for defending world champions SK Telecom T1, Faker is the premier League of Legends player and later assured his team a clean 3-0 LCK Finals sweep over KT Rolster.


There’s significance to Faker’s appearance in the throne that goes beyond catchy visuals. The throne Faker is sitting in is called the “throne,” and has previously been reserved for bonjwas of Starcraft.

Faker is the only League of Legends player who has received the honor to sit in the bonjwa throne, and this marks the first time the throne has made an appearance for a series introduction. This seat is considered a huge honor, and its feature before the finals was a huge surprise to everyone.

Congratulations to Faker for his seat in the bonjwa throne, and to SKT T1 for their finals victory.