Numerous champions and items are being reworked as of the mid-season update, specifically these immediately associated to tanks.

Maokai has a new rooting-wall ultimate, together with slight modifications to his passive and saplings.

Nevertheless, his W is now extraordinarily sluggish. It is so sluggish that champions are literally able to run away and keep away from it.


Vandiril uploaded this video of a Quinn, with Behind Enemy Strains activated, efficiently avoiding Maokai’s Twisted Advance.

D2ezbmu even threw some logic within the comments section.

Logic apart, that is actually unfortunate for Maokai gamers trying to root Quinn or different sooner champs.

Granted, Quinn’s motion pace is insanely quick when being carried by Valor (+70-130% motion pace), so quicker champions such as an empowered Hecarim almost definitely work together the identical approach.

The interaction outside at the end of the video is way weirder, with the foundation nonetheless affecting Quinn, despite the fact that she is clearly outside of its range by the time she is rooted.

It’s extremely uncertain that this was intended, so look for this to be fixed as soon as it enters a live patch.