After selling over four million copies after it entered Steam Early Access. Battlegrounds team publicly said that they were committed to remaining in early access for no more than six months.

Battlegrounds entered on Steam Early Access March 23, back then Brendan was very pumped with people feedback and promised the game would be released in 6 months.

People tell us we’re not going to be out of early access in six months; challenge accepted. I can guarantee you, six or seven months and we’re out of early access. It’s the team. It’s a matter of honor, you know? We will finish this game in six months.

Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene, the creator of Battlegrounds, said that the new window is Q4 2017, so we should get a full release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds before the end of the year.

Over the past few months I have done a lot of interviews, and in many of them, I said we hoped to be out of Early Access six months after we first launched. I’ve come to realize that restricting the window to a specific month could hinder us from delivering a fully featured game and/or lead to disappointment within the community if the launch deadline is not met. You can read the full announcement here

A three months delay won’t really affect the community, especially with all the new content that the team has in the pipeline. There are some small tweaks like new weapons and balancing. But also there are other bigger improvements that will make the community happier like a Zombie mode, server improvements to grow the streaming community and full 3D replays.

So far the game fans didn’t make a big deal about these delays. Just a few confronted Greene about it.

Sales didn’t drop after the announcement. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds still a popular game. Ranked top five most-viewed games in Twitch. The recent news didn’t seem to affect the interest of the game.

For now, we will have to wait and hope they will continue to push weekly and monthly updates until full launch.