Phoenix1 vs. FlyQuest was for sure the tightest battle of the 2017 Spring series. Phoenix1 was an even for Hai “Hai” Du Lam to deal with, and FlyQuest lost 2:3.


Each teams knew that in the event that they obtained Ivern, they only wanted to choose a hypercarry and so they’d ultimately win the game. So, Ivern was banned from Game three onward.


Moreover the Ivern pick, Phoenix1 took absolutely zero chances and perma-banned Rengar from Galen “Moon” Holgate. The primary bans from FlyQuest have been aimed toward Yoo “Ryu” Sang-ook as Leblanc, Ahri, and Syndra have been taken off the table at times.

The ADC Game

An fascinating feature of this game was the variety of ADCs picked by Noh “Arrow” Dong-hyeon.

He picked 5 totally different ADCs which suggests he actually picked a unique ADC per game. On top of that, he picked two ADCs which have since fallen out of the meta, Ziggs and Jhin. He showcased why they fell off, as these two picks have been in the 2 games that Phoenix1 lost.

Johnny “Altec” Ru additionally showcased the dominance of Kog’Maw with a pentakill in opposition to Phoenix1 within the second game. The better hyper carry will apparently win you the game in this new ADC meta.

Zig’s Unimaginable Contributions

Derek “zig” Shao has really proven himself to be one of the crucial constant and competent toplaners in North America.

zig was phenomenal this whole set and didn’t have a single. He was the most important contribution to Phoenix1’s win over FlyQuest and he shocked me with his wonderful timing and self-discipline, particularly in Game 5.

He knew when to strike and go in and he made certain to get as a lot as he may from any and all engages. He really made Phoenix1 a star team this set.



This third place finisher was much more hype than the third place units often are, and each teams performed their hearts out. Ultimately, Phoenix1 showcased their abilities and ultimately overpowered and caught out FlyQuest.

From relegations to 3rd place, this wasn’t a nasty ending for Phoenix1


FlyQuest 2:3 Phoenix1
Game 1: Phoenix1 Win
Game 2: FlyQuest Win
Game 3: FlyQuest Win
Game 4: Phoenix1 Win
Game 5: Phoenix1 Win