“Overwatch” forums across the web are consumed by an important question. : Does “Overwatch” and its developers favor the casual or professional gamer? Despite the fact that the majority of players are casual, Blizzard defends their balanced stance.

Amidst the raging arguments, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan took to the official forum with a brief statement: “Both are tremendous oversimplifications of what our thought process is.  We feel responsible for all aspects of the game.  And when we talk about balance changes we spend a lot of time discussing the ramifications at all levels of play.”

Buying or selling?

Does this hold any truth to it?  I both agree and disagree with Kaplan for a number of reasons.  I agree some gamers are oversimplifying the way Blizzard thinks.

The gaming process is not black or white.  Sacrifices have to be made in order to increase the overall level of play and user compatibility.  Kaplan describes how decisions will affect both groups :

“We’re not blind to either side of the game and we will continue to represent both as well.  Some decisions will be more targeted towards one group or another– but always with deep consideration for what that means to the other side.”

There is one fact we must remind ourselves of.  Blizzard is a business that needs to make money. “Overwatch” and the entire gaming community has recently begun to cater to professional players.

eSports can be very lucrative for gaming companies.  Thousands of fans across the world watch professional gamers duke it out.  The popularity of eSports moves me to believe Blizzard favors the professional gamer.

Pros versus average Joes

The professional players say Blizzard supports the casual player over them.  Some believe the higher tier gamers keep “Overwatch” alive.  They draw more attention to “Overwatch” from their professional leagues.  In essence, a higher level of play is the future of “Overwatch.”

Some casual gamers believe a game favoring pros is beneficial.  One user named NIMH posted this on the Blizzard forum:

“The real fact of the matter is that I want to see progress in my play. If I find that some things are OP as I get better (which would be a necessary consequence of balancing for casuals), I’d actually feel less compelled to improve and play in general.”

Not every casual gamer may want to go pro, but they definitely want to see their improvement.  Whatever game it is, we continue to play because of the entertainment and increasing chances to succeed.