While some speculation has already occurred today about the teams that will be attending the 2017 Overwatch World Cup (the list hasn’t been updated for six days), fans no longer need to use guesswork. The 2017 Overwatch World Cup team lineup is officially here. These elite teams will all be battling on stage at BlizzCon 2017, all representing their respective countries.
Players can expect the same excitement as last year’s cup, with returning favorite countries such as South Korea, France, and the United States.


To determine which countries make the list, Blizzard uses the average SR of the top 100 players in each country. Last year, 16 teams played in qualifiers before selecting teams to represent their region in the World Cup. However, this year, Blizzard indicated that they would be inviting 32 teams to battle in qualifiers.

With the top 32 countries identified, players from those countries will need to vote for their 2017 Overwatch World Cup National Committee who then make roster picks for the country.

This all leads up to the main event in November. We can look forward to some of the top teams on the list, and some surprising newcomers to appear at Blizzcon near the end of this year!

While we are still patiently waiting for the official Overwatch League announcement, we can at least look forward to this iconic event. Last year brought plenty of laughs and stellar action. This year should be even better.