Overwatch keeps surprising us with new updates. With Overwatch first year anniversary ended a few days ago. Players got access to of new items in Anniversary loot boxes. And to make things even more amazing, Blizzard went out giving players a double XP. This helped them level up faster and earn those valuable loot boxes.

But, aside from the Anniversary event, Blizzard has dropped one other juicy shock which is bound to send fans over the moon! They launched a brand new #Game Mode in Overwatch. This includes 12 players, and is way completely different from a fast game or competitive play, as there aren’t any particular targets.


The purpose on this mode is very simple: Teams must work collectively to eliminate the opposing team and win a round, in addition to a match.

6v6 Lockout Elimination

The brand new mode name is 6v6 Lockout #Elimination and it is a greater 3v3 Lockout Elimination mode. The 3v3 mode was first introduced through the Anniversary event and it grew to become highly regarded. The brand new mode contains 12 as a substitute of six players and it is far more intense.

Players get to select any hero they want within the first round. However, after the round is over, they don’t seem to be capable of choose that hero or any other hero their teammates used. Like in common game modes, there are completely different maps and these are smaller than the maps used in regular modes.

Players have to decide on a brand new hero each round. This makes harder winning a few games in a row, unless you can grasp all heroes.


It is also necessary to notice that players usually are not restricted solely to the heroes who can do damage as they will choose help heroes as well. Like within the regular modes, it is rather necessary to have an excellent team composition to increase the chance of beating the opposing team.

For his or her first win of the day on this mode, players will obtain one loot box.

The word on the street

Overwatch players are in love with the new recreation mode and Blizzard has obtained plenty of positive feedback for it. Players are finally capable of play a 6v6 mode that excludes objectives, and that’s one thing that the game definitely needed.

If you haven’t tried yet, make sure to check it out and tell us what do you think!