The coach and manager of Korean Overwatch team Luminous Solar have been charged with fixing the wildcard qualifier match for OGN APEX Challengers Season 3, according to a report from Inven.

OGN had released an announcement last February detailing the results of its internal investigation into the wildcard qualifier finals between Luminous Solar and UnLimited, which Luminous Solar had won.


In the report, OGN revealed that a large amount of circumstantial evidence pointed to Luminous Solar’s player-manager Jin Seok-hoon and coach Baek Min-jeh offering sponsorship for UnLimited in return for forfeiting the match. It was also discovered that the two individuals had used a fraudulent doctor’s certificate in order to field a last-minute substitute in place of one of Luminous Solar’s players.

​​In response to Dexerto, OGN experiences that after internal investigations which have been going since Februrary, there was sufficient circumstantial proof that pointed to Luminous Solar’s player-manager Jin Seok-hoon and coach Baek Min-jeh providing money issues to UnLimited for forfeiting the match. The investigation additionally uncovered that two people used a solid physician’s certificates to be able to request a last-minute substitute for one in all Luminous Solar’s players.

According to a notice posted on the official website of the OGN on February 13, Luminous Solar coach Jin Seok-hoon and coach Baekmin seized a number of circumstantial grounds for requesting abstaining from their partner UnLimited for sponsorship, It was confirmed that he had issued a hospital certificate for the confirmation of the contest denial proceeding, and the replacement of Son Min-suk, who belongs to Luminous Solar.

So OGN will not be able to participate in all OGN-related leagues including the league in Luminous Solar team (except for those who are subject to discipline) Unlimited Choi Yoon-soo was disciplined by the challenge of participating in the competition for the APEX Challengers to advance to the finals.

Luminous Solar, together with the 2 arrested, and have been banned for all future OGN events. Choi Yoon-soo of UnLimited, who was additionally concerned, was banned from the subsequent season of OGN APEX Challenger.