Overwatch fans Bruno Feltran and Raul Alves have spend a lot of time creating an amazingly thought out and well-done character concept for Overwatch and rendered a 3D version.


Kharaman Nazar is an offensive Falconer Turkish Hunter that uses a crossbow to quickly slaughter enemies. With his partner, Bullseye, he specializes in solo battles.

Hello everyone! I spent a lot of time doing this project because I really wanted to do my best!
Well, Kharaman Nazar is a fanmade character based in Overwatch (I’m addicted to this game), created to be a falconer turkish hunter. With his partner, Bullseye, Nazar play as a ofense role and can beat his enemies quickly. This project is a result of a partnership with Raul Alves, a friend that asked me if I could do this concept to him, to be transformed into a 3D model. I hope you like it

Bruno Feltran

You can see the 3D WIP and his another amazing artworks right here

Raul Alves wip Nazar

Raul Alves wip Bullseye

Raul Alves wip  crossbow

Nazar Skills

Check out all the renders here also you can see more images here

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see Nazar and Bullseye in Overwatch in the future?