The immense progress of esports lately has made millionaires out of a few of its biggest gamers at ages far youthful than most would think about to be doable.

We determined to take a better take a look at the highest 20 lifetime esports event earnings throughout nations and video games. Kind all of the video games,League of Legends, Dota 2,  CS:GO, and so on… Dota 2 has the best earnings.

Take into accout these numbers are event winnings solely.

Top Player ID Player Name Total (Overall) Highest Paying Game
1. United States UNiVeRsE Saahil Arora $2,777,796.47 Dota 2
2. United States ppd Peter Dager $2,628,120.36 Dota 2
3. Pakistan SumaiL Sumail Hassan $2,458,632.14 Dota 2
4. United States Fear Clinton Loomis $2,383,155.64 Dota 2
5. China iceice Li Peng $1,998,558.23 Dota 2
6. China bLink Zhou Yang $1,955,008.62 Dota 2
7. China y` Zhang Yiping $1,955,008.62 Dota 2
8. China Faith_bian Zhang Ruida $1,954,948.20 Dota 2
9. China Shadow Chu Zeyu $1,954,848.20 Dota 2
10. Canada Aui_2000 Kurtis Ling $1,931,859.44 Dota 2
11. China xiao8 Zhang, Ning $1,824,534.96 Dota 2
12. China Hao Chen, Zhihao $1,759,847.03 Dota 2
13. Sweden s4 Gustav Magnusson $1,392,005.68 Dota 2
14. China Mu Zhang, Pan $1,390,711.91 Dota 2
15. Estonia Puppey Clement Ivanov $1,363,676.36 Dota 2
16. Denmark MiSeRy Rasmus Fillipsen $1,349,957.12 Dota 2
17. Denmark N0tail Johan Sundstein $1,284,043.96 Dota 2
18. China Banana Jiao, Wang $1,279,561.56 Dota 2
19. Sweden Zai Ludwig Wåhlberg $1,241,653.84 Dota 2
20. China SanSheng Wang, Zhaohui $1,207,649.37 Dota 2

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How players make their earning?


Sponsors carry a big portion of the supporting incomes for the gamers and groups. Firms that manufactures aggressive online game peripherals corresponding to headphones and clothes carry the cash to the desk to the most effective gamers.


In response to the 2014 handbook, players should be paid a minimal of $12,500—which, for 28 match season equals round $450 every match. Nonetheless, many players are compensated a lot higher.


Along with fundamental compensation, teams and players can earn extra cash by the plain means of winning or putting in competitions. For a five-person team, this might vary from $2,000 to $10,000 per participant within the playoffs alone. Dota 2 is a wildy-popular title for eSports, and the 2016 Dota 2 International is hosting a whopping $20 million prize pool.


Subscribing to a Twitch stream prices $4.99 a month, with half that cash going to the streamer. For prime streamers like The Oddone with 1000’s of subscribers, this generally is a big boon to their revenue. A streamer with 2,000 subscriptions (at $2.50 in income per sub) will get a further $5,000 a month.