With the LCS spring split now well behind, for both EU and NA, (congrats G2 and TSM!) we’ve got a definitive point of reference to compare this year against previous ones. This year was a bit of a wildcard compared to previous ones for League of Legends players. But before we can get full stuck into the MSI, we’ve got a brand new mid-season patch to get salty at!
Falling in line with previous mid season updates, this one shakes up the meta in a major way, with tanks and mages seeing the biggest changes. (does that rhyme? Call me a poet) Read on to see the highlights of a very comprehensive patch, it’ll give you a whole new list of excuses for when you get thrown down on in the Rift.


Maokai is getting some nice tweaks to make him more situational. while he’s been a ok pick so far, he wasn’t good at one specific thing. He very much had a ‘jack of all trades; master of none’ feel to him – without wanting to upset the big guy…. This update should fix that by changing the game on his abilities.

His ultimate Natures Grasp, summons some large roots that advance forward rooting the first champion it reaches. but the root then stops so if you stand next to eachother, you both get rooted, if you cower behind a teammate desperately wishing you still had your heal, your poor teammate will get rooted, but you will be free to let him die and run back to base, claiming ‘no frontline 🙁 – even with this distinction, Nature’s Grasp is now a game-changer, providing you can live long enough to use it.

Maokai also catches a (small) health pool nerf, but gets a small armor buff. Besides this, Sap Magic no longer stacks. Its cooldown have is now improved and when Maokai casts a spell or gets hit by one, you gain 4 seconds on the cooldown.

Arcane Smash, now known as Bramble Smash has improvements on duration and costs tweaked, as do all his abilities. Arcane Bramble Smash does get an interesting buff, rather than slow down enemies by between 20%-48% for 1.5 seconds, like it used to be. Now it slows down the enemy champions by a whopping 99% (though only for a meagre .25 seconds).
Twisted Advance, again got some light improvements on the costs and cooldown.

There’s another big change for Sapling Toss – Saplings thrown in brush now last long and have a larger detonation radius. Enemies caught in the explosion take 100% extra damage over 2 seconds. Whoa.

(also, voice lines have been changed, because he’s ‘mad, not sad’)



Zac also gets a pretty big revamp, with Riot stating that he used most of his ‘gooey flair’ getting into the fight. He kinda strands himself in battle by not having much to do when he’s there. Riot has heard the calls of the Zac players (someone has to) and have revamped his abilities, check it:

Stretching Strike, get’s double the impact and about 50 times cooler, a successful attack will now allow Zac to grab a second enemy, and if that’s successful, will smash the two together.

Elastic Slingshot’s damage did improve to give potentially more damage (slightly less true damage, but 4% of AP is granted as damage).

Zac’s Ultimate, Let’s Bounce! Get’s some pretty awesome (and intricate) changes. The long and short of it is that if you see the green goo man get charging, run, run so very far away like you’re in an A Flock Of Seagulls song, just go.

Zac and Moakai aren’t the only tanks getting some love this update, this is what goodies Riot have blessed Sejuani with New Passive Fury of the North.


Frost Armor: After not taking damage for a while, Sejuani gains bonus resistances and slow immunity. Frost Armor briefly lingers after Sejuani takes damage.

Icebraker: Enemies stunned by Sejuani are frozen, causing her first spell or attack against them to deal bonus damage.

These passives mean Sejuani is perfect for ambushing unsuspecting champions while still being able to tank a lot of the early damage if she’s low, don’t let her escape or it could come back to bite you!


Also, meet the new Winter’s Wrath: “Sejuani swings her mace in an arc, then lashes out in a line. Both hits deal damage and apply Frost.”

COST 60 mana

COOLDOWN 10/9/8/7/6 seconds

FIRST HIT Deals 30/35/40/45/50 (+1.5% maximum health) damage in a cone, applying Frost and knocking back minions and monsters

FIRST HIT DELAY 0.25 seconds, starting on cast

SECOND HIT Deals 40/75/110/145/180 (+4.5% maximum health) damage in a line, applying Frost

SECOND HIT DELAY 0.75 seconds, starting after the first hit

Like Lucian, Sejuani can move freely during Winter’s Wrath. Both swings will strike in the cast direction, but their hitboxes follow Sejuani’s movement.

This is a super interesting ability for Sejuani as combined with her damage-soaking new passives, it could allow her to really get into the thick of things and deal crazy amounts of damage (providing the Yasuo doesn’t hang your ass to you before you get to).

Her new bread-and-butter ability, Permafrost, is as follows:

FROSTY STRIKES Sejuani and nearby melee allies apply Frost with their basic attacks, stacking up to four times. Sejuani can cast Permafrost on enemies with max Frost stacks.

COST 20 mana

COOLDOWN 1.5 seconds

PER-TARGET COOLDOWN 10/9/8 seconds (at levels 1/7/14, matching Fury of the North’s breakpoints)

DAMAGE 40/60/80/100/120 (+0.3 ability power)

STUN DURATION 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds

The interesting thing here is that it’s very much a war of attrition winning ability, it’s not going to be massively helpful if it’s just you beavering away, but in team fights that last a decent amount of time, Sejuani will become hugely powered compared to before, especially when her ult is down.

Glacial Prison’s cooldown changed from 130/115/100 seconds to 120/100/80 seconds.

Besides the above, Sejuani’s armor and basic attack stats have been tweaked ever so slightly, but these all but even out.

So there it is, a tank roundup for the MSU, I hope you enjoyed. You can find the full list here