It’s no secret that League of Legends, like most videogames, has a pretty toxic community, that’s not to say that everyone who plays it is a dick, but it’s like the old Benjamin Franklin quote goes: “Only two things in life are certain, death, and getting flamed by Annie after Garen aces you… again” and it’s pretty much a meme at this point that LoL players are nuclear waste barrels oh critical mass just dying for half an opportunity to engulf everyone on the server in a toxic cloud deadly enough to wipe a small continent – but how bad IS it? – Reddit user u/i0ki decided to do some research of his own in a thrilling match involving lies, deceit, and a salty Ivern player (who would have guessed?)  – read on for an interesting look into the mob mentality in LoL.

To begin with, our hero, Leona, joins a match and is immediately invited into a Discord server, he obliges, like the true gentleman that he is and get’s to talking to today’s antagonist: Ivern.


In short, Leona tells Ivern that he’s Ezreal, and begins ‘planting the idea’ that Leona sucks, leading to an interesting fly-on-the-wall perspective of why people can sometimes be dicks here, I’d recommend reading the entire thing here, but in case you like your information with a little more than a dash of NaCl, read on for a condensed take!


Following on from Leona (pretending to be Ezreal)’s comments made in private to Ivern, Ivern makes multiple comments implying that perhaps Leona isn’t the world’s best hero in the team chat, that would obviously get the salt a-flowing if Leona wasn’t actually just bringing Ivern around the world’s saltiest oceans on a first-class Ruse Cruise. It’s interesting to think that if this was a ‘legit’ situation, the one comment from our hero would have totally tilted Ivern and Leona, leading to a potential collapse of the entire team, but because that didn’t happen, they won ‘easily’ – how many times could lethal sodium intake have been prevented by just being a little nicer?

Ivern also gives Ezreal (who he thought he was speaking to) every single buff, which our hero does point out may have happened naturally anyway, but it’s yet antoher example of how teamwork broke down on the basis of nothing other than silly communication and salt.

Where this social experiment (in the hood) [gone wrong] {GONE SEXUAL} goes slightly too far is the moment that pretty much summed up the whole thing: Ivern said he was going to report Leona, a player who’d done nothing wrong, hadn’t said a word and who was smurfing from a high rank, purely because of some comments from a teammate, this just brings into question the ‘point’ or reports, why bother being able to report griefers if people are just going to report people doing nothing wrong? – it gives a ‘boy who cried wolf’ mentality to the whole thing that just leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.