The Public Test Region is having a field day with “Doomfist” and his almighty rocket punch.  After just one day, Blizzard recognized how overpowered their newest hero is.  This video shows yet another perk of “Doomfist’s” rocket punch.

The player seamlessly catapults himself forward using the wall to his benefit.  However, this amazing leap was probably not what Blizzard intended.  The most recent nerf to “Doomfist’s” rocket punch included its maximum range.  The 30 meter distance was quickly changed to 20-23 meters after seeing its huge advantage.  Despite this decrease in mobility, the above video demonstrates its maintained effectiveness.


How does it work?

The rocket punch in conjunction with the rising uppercut provide momentum for the jump.  As the video indicates, hitting a wall or object then propels you into the air.  One can relate this hurdle to the jetpack boost in “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare”.  The trick requires good timing between the rocket punch and jump.  Additionally, the rocket punch must end before you hit the object.  Think you can pull it off?  Why not give it a shot.

The video makes the jump appear rather simple.  However, users across “Overwatch” forums see it differently.  The process is difficult not only for the timing, but for the proper placement.  You must first position yourself relatively close to the object.  Close as in : 25 meters.  Remember, your thrust from the punch must end prior to the object.

Next, you should pick an object that is sloped or close to the ground.  This will increase your chances of being catapulted into the air. Objects too high will not give the impressive jump you desire.  Lastly, you might have to endure practice.  Only through trial and error can you learn from your mistakes.  Trust me, this trick is worth the practice.

Blizzard has not mentioned any further nerfs to the rocket punch.  However, we can still predict changes to the in-game physics and bug corrections.  One can only speculate on the potential fix of this super jump.

Your move, Blizzard

The new concern is how will Blizzard respond?  The usefulness of PTR is being played out before our eyes.  Users see how far they can push the boundaries.  In the case of “Doomfist’s” rocket punch, Blizzard now understands its huge advantage.  The fact that it is capable of dealing 25o damage fully charged is astonishing.  Hopefully, we see even more perks in the upcoming days!