One of the things that the guys behind “Overwatch” do best is lore. A dedicated team of writers takes it upon themselves to craft the most suitable past for each hero. The result is a perfect backstory, against which old and new characters can’t but shine. When the time to tell us a bit more about Doomfist finally came, Blizzard went all out with it.

Times of numbani doomfist

Those inhabiting the “Overwatch” universe get their news just like anybody else: thanks to the power of the internet. A handful of hours ago, the Times of Numbani released an article detailing the recent attacks on an Helix facility. Among the mass of information, one name seemed particularly prominent: Akande Ogundimu; otherwise known as Doomfist.


Doomfist just got a touch more real!

Credit should be given when it’s due: Blizzard’s article was exceptionally well written, showing how committed the team in charge of it is. There’s little doubt regarding the reasons behind this new post: following last week’s indiscretions, the publisher may have decided to silently confirm Doomfist’s existence. Fans seem to agree with the theory, as many flooded the comments section with their own suggestions and ideas.

Doomfist is still far from playable, though; at least according to what we know! The hero has a name, but no trailer, no character sheet, nor any other specific fragments of information where released. In order to avoid any kind of disappointment, speculations should be keep to a minimum. Now that Ogundimu is out there, more details should soon follow suit.

Blizzard’s keeping its options open…

The article didn’t only mention Ogundimu’s prison break and escape. Even though Helix representatives refused to confirm the allegations, several other detainees exploited the commotion and made a run for it. No names were mentioned, but it’s possible that these individuals may somehow be affiliated with Talon. If that were to be the case, more criminals could have just regained their freedom. The Doomfist weapon was also stolen.

At a first glance only a contextual set of lines, that paragraph might well be the most important one in the whole article. Not only there’s a chance for “Overwatch” fans to receive the much-awaited Doomfist; Blizzard could be actively working on an entire new roster!


Keep in mind that, aside from what the post itself says, there’s no means for us to know more about the future of this game. The guys behind it promised us a steady stream of heroes throughout the years and haven’t given us a reason not to believe them… at least for now!