In the wake of all the Star Wars news coming out of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando this week – particularly the recently unveiled franchise shooter Star Wars: Battlefront 2 – gamers might have missed out on the fact that developers Electronic Arts (EA) and Dice made some announcements for another major title: Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 was a critical and commercial success last year across multiple gaming platforms, and it continues to host a number of online players in 2017. The creators of this World War I-set shooter recognize the demand for even more online content even months after its release, and are fortunately planning to do something about it. As a result of future patches and DLC, fans of the title should expect a wealth of new content including monthly updates, expansions, and the introduction of platoons.


According to a recent update from the game’s publishers, Aleksander Grøndal and Andrew Gulotta respectively, “it’s never been a more exciting time to be playing ‘Battlefield 1.’” Both EA and Dice are overwhelmed by the response to the title’s first expansion entitled They Shall Not Pass, and claim that this update is just the beginning. The article then goes on detail some of the new Battlefield 1 experiences and gameplay modifications that will be available for gamers to download in the coming months (below).

Monthly Battlefield 1 Updates

We’re devoted to bringing you the best gaming experience in Battlefield 1. In the past, we did this in the form of seasonal patches. Considering all we have in store for Battlefield 1, we’ve decided to move to monthly updates. With this new tempo, we’re going to bring you more of what you want, faster than ever.

Turning your feedback into battle-tested improvements that everyone will love is important to us. We’ll utilize the Community Test Environment to iterate on your ideas and find the best ways to make our favorite game even better.

Introducing Platoons

Speaking of updates, the Spring Update is coming soon. It’ll bring one of the most highly anticipated features: Platoons. Finally, you’ll be able to organize and join forces with your friends, execute swift victories, and achieve goals as one unit. Stay tuned for more info on Platoons and the Spring Update release.

In-Game Improvements and Tweaks to Operations

Planning for our next releases, we’ve heard you loud and clear. We still have some work to do to make the game as frictionless as possible. We’re dedicating the May Update to revisions that will improve your quality of life in Battlefield 1.

In addition to this slew of exciting news, Battlefield 1‘s aforementioned producers also gave some details on the upcoming expansion, In the Name of the Tsar. Taking place during a World War I era Russian winter, gamers will get the opportunity to fight alongside the Russians and learn some of their interesting tactics when In the Name of the Tsar arrives.

Details surrounding the upcoming DLC expansion are still a bit sparse currently, but fans should look for more updates to fill in the gaps in the coming months; conventional wisdom suggesting that we will see a fair amount of In the Name of the Tsar at EA Play 2017 which runs from June 10-12.

Source: EA