You can work your way to get more Battlepacks, through a new progress bar, by playing and finishing matches.


As you might know, one way to acquire Battlepacks has been to complete a multiplayer match, and be one of the lucky players rewarded with one at the End of Round screen,” DICE stated in a news post. “We’re replacing this system with an improved way of granting Battlepacks.

You will find a new progress bar at the End of Round screen, showing your progress toward your next Standard Battlepack reward,” DICE continued. “Playing and finishing Battlefield 1 multiplayer matches will fill up the meter. Play well, and you’ll reach your next Battlepack faster.

Staying on the battlefield means good things coming your way

In order to take advantage of this, you’ll need to restart your client if you remain in-game. Otherwise, you’ll miss out.

With this new update, you will only earn the Standard version Battlepacks. Therefore, specials packs, you won’t Battlepacks get such as rare vehicle skins, exclusive events, the Battlefest or DLC Battlepacks.